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We would like to present you with a variety of contemporary wedding dresses and special occasion gowns from ‘Lenars-Maria’ wedding salon. The designer offers wide range of traditional gowns inwhite, as well as more contemporary wedding dresses in variety of warm colours – beige and caramel to make your dress stand out, or light crème and dust pink for the romantic look you seek. The splendour of the wedding gownis what enhances every wedding and brings magic and beauty to the occasion. The wedding gowns nowadays come in many types – they are shimmering and lavish, daring and sophisticated, white and colourful. To have an unforgettable stylish gown you must not only take your time making your choice, but also have it obey your dreams to make it your own and Lenars-Maria can make just that.

In wedding salon Lenars- Maria you will find the unique gown you are looking for, and if not we will make it especially for you! We are committed to designing and creating dresses that suit brides’ personality and complement her figure.In addition to wedding gowns we offer the same detail and precision in designing bridesmaid gowns, mother of the bride dresses and special occasion gowns. The accessories are made by hand and in line with the theme of the wedding and the dress – you can choose from bridal handbags and gloves, wedding gifts for the guests, variety of vialsand tiaras.

Lenars dresses will always be made perfect to suit your personality and your special occasion. Wedding, Bridal, Bridesmaid, Mother of the Bride and Special Occasion gowns made to Suit You!

The details are of significant importance for each and every dress we make. The time spent in perfecting the design and the attention we give to every dress is how we produce comfortable and high quality wedding dresses.By perfecting the small details, whether they are flowers, lace, bows we can make them stand out and enhance your look. In many of todays’ dresses the focus falls on the top of the dress.To flatter their figures brides are more often choosing to have the top part of the dress made as a corset and match it to a skirt of their choice. This is how they make the dress their own and make it unique and flattering.